Rent a Car for 500 AED Per Month

Have you ever spotted those tempting online listings, such as “rent a car for AED 500 per month,” and wondered if this deal was too good to be true? Ultra affordable long-term car rentals come with major limitations but provide much-needed wheels for minimum outlay in this expensive city. 

Today’s post gives you the full lowdown on what to expect from 500 AED monthly car rentals so you can make the best decision.

What Kind of Car Can You Get for 500 AED Per Month?

Rent a Car for 500 AED Per Month

The hard truth is you cannot expect anything close to a late model or luxury vehicle like Bentley Car Rental at this 500 AED budget. Landlords aim to maximize profits by renting out older, high-mileage cars with basic features. Here is a realistic picture of the car models available for 500 AED monthly:

  • Economy cars over 5 years old like Toyota Yaris, Kia Picanto, Hyundai Accent
  • Sedans with over 150,000 km on the odometer, such as Nissan Sunny, Toyota Corolla
  • Almost always manual transmission – automatics will be costlier
  • Aftermarket modifications like tinted windows, custom wheels, or sound systems

Renters gravitate towards listings for popular brands like Japanese sedans in Dubai, hoping for reliability, but there is a risk with any older vehicle. While opting for an older car rental, don’t forget to thoroughly inspect critical aspects like:

Air Conditioning

Ensure this works properly in UAE’s hot climate. Factor in potentially expensive AC repair bills down the road, especially in the summer months. 

Tires and Brakes

Your rental car’s tires should have at least a 3 mm tread depth and not be damaged or imbalanced. If tires are worn out, replacing them or fitting new brakes is important to avoid the risk of blowouts and longer stopping distances, which can be dangerous. Also, running thin tires in UAE’s hot weather is not recommended as it can make them wear out faster.

Filters and Belts

When were these last changed? Transmission fluid, coolant, and oils are critical. Consider the cost of preventative maintenance, which is crucial for high-mileage cars. Neglected vehicles deteriorate faster.

While you can snag functional transportation for 500 AED per month – reduce your expectations around vehicle performance, features, and roadworthiness. Focus extra on inspecting safety components thoroughly.

How is it Possible to Rent a Car for 500 AED Per Month

Rent a Car for 500 AED Per Month

The business model allowing such cheap rentals involves:

  • Maximizing the number of cars rented out per landlord to accumulate steady revenue across the entire inventory
  • Minimal operating costs from having no lavish physical office locations or commissioned sales staff
  • Listing vehicles on classifieds sites and social media platforms instead of spending on paid search or display advertising

Landlords can lower prices to attract customers who are looking for cheaper options. They can still make a profit by having a large number of cars in their rental fleet. This way, even if they don’t earn a lot of money per car, they can make up for it with the overall quantity. 

They also offer rental options for expats who need cars for short-term contracts in Dubai. With these short-term contracts, landlords can keep renting their cars to different people and continue making money.

Cheap pricing provides the sought-after independence of having personal transport in this city, which is extremely dependent on cars for mobility. So, when you rent a car for 500 AED per month, it unlocks this flexibility for you with limited means.

Rent a Car for 500 AED Per Month Limitations

There are a lot of old, neglected cars available to rent. The owners have very flexible policies, but you may have to settle for less-than-ideal options if you’re on a tight budget. Some common issues you may encounter include:

  • Strict daily mileage limits – usually extremely restrictive at 40-60km per day before per km overage charges apply
  • No inclusion for Salik/parking – you pay for all road tolls and parking incurred, which accumulates rapidly
  • Limited or no breakdown coverage – be prepared to pay out of pocket for any repairs or even towing
  • High late return penalties – 200 AED daily is typical for exceeding capped mileage; waiving such fines is rare even with sound reasons

Everything outside the base KM allowance is a direct cost burden on the renter. You must carefully weigh the long-term inconveniences against the upfront affordability when committing. 

Unexpected maintenance issues pose heavy financial stress for people already stretching budgets at the 500 AED level. Be conservative with mileage buffers and vigilant about avoiding fines. Read all policies like weekly payments failing which cars get confiscated.

Where to Rent a Car for 500 AED Per Month

Finding options for cheap car rentals in Dubai at this budget requires searching across platforms:

  • Check out classifieds on Dubizzle and Facebook Marketplace – some landlords prefer direct lead gen over middlemen.
  • Small rental companies rarely advertise 500 AED deals publicly online – contact them directly to negotiate unpublished pricing
  • Physically browse rental car lots for visibility into current unsold inventory – many don’t list best rental rates and terms openly

Tips for Renting an Ultra-Affordable Car with Minimum Headache

Given the old cars and unfavorable tenant policies – renting a 500 AED monthly vehicle has abundant pitfalls. Use these practical tips to avoid major headaches:

Thoroughly Inspect rather than Rushing Paperwork

  • Take extended test drives, not just brief parking lot rounds, checking for any unusual sounds or handling concerns
  • Look for signs of major accident damage – misaligned panels, uneven tires wearing faster, etc.
  • To rule out tampering, verify the odometer reading cross-checked across multiple locations like the rental contract, service stickers, etc.

Capture Photographic Evidence

  • Take photos capturing every side of the car exterior, all seats/interior sections, odometer reading, panel gaps, etc
  • Thorough photo documentation protects against unfair damage/discrepancy claims when returning the vehicle.

Read the Paperwork Before Signing and Clarify Terms

  • Understand applicable fines, penalties for late return, weather/cross-border prohibition, etc.
  • Explicitly clarify insurance coverage exclusions like theft, vandalism, and accident damages.
  • Get written specifics around deadlines, fines, etc, rather than trusting verbal assurances.

So, Should You Do It? 

Renting cars in the UAE for 500 AED monthly is hugely affordable but comes with abundant risks – with old, unreliable cars and policies favoring owners over renters. Conduct research and inspection to determine if challenges are worth the minimal cost.

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