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Premium car options

Bentleys are renowned for their impressive design and attention to detail evident in their bodywork. A popular choice amongst tourists and the business class, riding a Bentley is the perfect integration of an exotic car and a sports car. The seats are as comfy as it gets, the overall design is made of the finest materials and boasts to be as close to flying as any car can get. At Bentley Car Rental, we offer you this extraordinary car at jaw-dropping affordable prices.

Maintained by the impeccable hands of our exceptional technicians, our Bentleys at always in the best of conditions so that our clients are not inconvenienced in any way while riding our cars. Our highly supportive customer service officers are also available 24/7 to professionally handle enquiries regarding the rental process.

Exceptional services

Our services include several options that reflect our values of prioritizing our clients. From delivering your preferred Bentley to your location to providing consultancy services to clients weighing their options, our services are created to handle all the inquiries you might have, reassuring you of the best at every point.

What more? Dubai is famed as the city of the world’s top oil magnates. Renting a Bentley at Bentley Car Rental allows you to fit right in with the elite without the additional responsibility of maintaining such a luxurious car. If you are new to Dubai and want to enjoy a VVIP experience or a seamless trip as you navigate the streets to your destination, then you should consider our chauffer offer. At a little additional cost, we provide you with an experienced driver to take you to your appointments or make recommendations on the trendiest spots and the most beautiful places for you to explore. You don’t have to experience the uncertainty of a new environment at all.

Whether you are exploring Dubai or meeting up with a potential investor, choosing any of our Bentleys allows you to make a lasting impression while maximizing the long stretch of smooth roads that Dubai is known for. At Bentley Car Rental, we are customer-focused, affordable, and professional.  It’s as good as it gets.