Bentley rental in Dubai – A complete guide

At our luxury car rental in Dubai, we hold a collection of the top Bentley models. We offer luxury sedans, grand tourers, convertibles, and SUV variants of the brand. Clients who are looking to rent a Bentley from us can do so at their convenience. Our rental packages are flexible, enabling our customers to rent a car for a day, a week, or a month.

Renting a luxury car from our company is a simple and hassle-free process. We have designed our rental processes to ensure a seamless experience for our clients. Whether you are a tourist visiting the Emirates or a resident, you can easily browse through our website, pre-book your car and drive away in your favorite Bentley.

Costs of renting a Bentley in Dubai

Bentley Car Rental Dubai

When you rent a Bentley in Dubai, you are probably planning to go all out to enjoy the full experience of driving one. You pick this premium car up from our showroom for a varied period of time. For customers looking to rent a Bentley for a day, a week, or a month, here’s a detailed breakdown of the prices we charge for different models:

Rental Duration (Starting Prices) Bentley Models
Continental GT Flying Spur Bentayga Continental GTC
Daily AED 3,360 AED 2,100 AED 2,625 AED 1,995
Weekly AED 20,160 AED 12,600 AED 15,750 AED 11,970
Monthly AED 97,440 AED 60,900 AED 76,125 AED 57,855

Customers who rent a Bentley from us are provided with comprehensive insurance. This covers loss caused due to damages by fire, theft and also pays off third-party liability as well. Other costs involved while renting a Bentley from us include the following:

  • An extra Mileage of AED 25 is charged for every kilometer exceeding the stated limit.
  • Customers are required to pay a security deposit of AED 5,000 while renting a Bentley.
  • A 5% VAT is included as part of the rental amount paid.
  • If customers want their car delivered to their address, for locations outside Dubai, we charge an amount of AED 500 as a delivery fee.

Bentley car models we offer for rent

Bentley is known for producing some of the finest premium cars in the world. The luxury car manufacturer offers sedans, grand tourers, sports convertibles, and SUVs as part of its product lineup. To bring you the experience of driving these cars, we offer the following Bentley cars for rent:

  • Continental GT
  • Flying Spur
  • Bentayga
  • Continental GTC

Continental GT (Grand Tourer)

The Continental GT is a 4-seater sports coupe that is powered by a 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged W12 engine. It produces 626 horsepower at a max torque of 664 lb-ft. The top speed of the car is recorded at 335 km/h and can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 3.3 seconds. It comes with an all-wheel-drive as standard and has an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

When it comes to the interior of the Bentley Continental GT, it is built using the finest wood veneer and aromatic leather. The infotainment system supports both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as standard. It comes in two optional audio systems, the Naim unit, and Bang & Olufsen system.

Bentley Continental GT also comes with driver assistance features like adaptive cruise control and a night-vision system. The key safety features the car has to offer include: lane-keep assist with lane-departure warning and an automated emergency braking system with pedestrian detection. Total trunk capacity of the GT is measured at 358 liters. At Bentley Car Rental in Dubai, you can hire the Continental GT for a day starting at AED 3,360.

Flying Spur

Powered by a 6.0-liter W12 engine, the Flying Spur can produce 626 horsepower at 590 lb-ft of torque. It is a five-seater sedan that can also be configured as a 4-seater. This luxury sedan has a top speed of 207 mph (333 km/h) and can go from 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h) in 3.7 seconds.

The Flying Spur has an all-wheel-drive powertrain that is managed by an 8-speed automatic Porsche PDK gearbox system. Its three-chamber adaptive air suspension delivers a smooth driving experience supported by 21-inch wheels as standard. The cabin of the Flying Spur is crafted using exquisite materials like metals, wood veneer, and premium leather.

It offers plenty of features like window shades, an adjustable climate control system, rear-seat massage seats, and the famous three-step rotating display. Renters can enjoy an entertaining drive with a 19-speaker Naim audio system with illuminated grilles. It also has a generously sized trunk space with a total of 335 liters of storage space. You can rent a Bentley Flying Spur in Dubai starting at AED 2,100 per day.


One of the fastest SUVs in the world, the Bentley Bentayga is powered by a 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 producing 626 horsepower at 664 lb-ft of torque. It has a top speed of 190 mph (305 km/h) and can launch the almost 2.5-ton vehicle from 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds.

The Bentayga is a five-seater that is also available in a 4-seat setup. This luxury super-utility vehicle comes with a range of different features. Some of these include adjustable ambient cabin lighting, a biometric safety lock, and a 10.9-inch infotainment screen with inbuilt sat NAV and a 12-speaker audio system.

Its interior is packed with plush materials like high-end leather, brushed metal finishes, wood veneer, and more. The total luggage capacity of the Bentayga is 484 liters. Bentley Bentayga rental in Dubai starts at AED 2,625 per day.

Continental GTC (Grand Tourer Convertible)

The GTC is the convertible variant of the standard Continental GT. It offers the same specs as compared to its standard coupe counterpart. Perhaps, there are a few minor differences in the top speed, 0-60 mph timing, and the total boot space.

Bentley Continental GTC has a top speed of 334 km/h as compared to 335 km/h in its coupe variant. Since the difference is so little, it’s practically ignored by most. Its 0-60 mph time is three-tenths of a second slower, coming in at 3.6 seconds. The total luggage space on the GTC is 260 liters, 90 liters short compared to the hard-top coupe.

Being a convertible, it has a fabric roof that retracts in a time of 19 seconds and can be done at speeds up to 30 mph (48 km/h). If you are looking to rent a Bentley Continental GTC in Dubai, you can rent one from us at AED 1,995 per day.

Specifications and Features Models available at Bentley Rental in Dubai
Continental GT Flying Spur Bentayga Continental GTC
Engine 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged W12 engine 6.0-liter W12 engine 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 engine 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged W12 engine
Horsepower 626 horsepower 626 horsepower 626 horsepower 626 horsepower
Torque 664 lb-ft 590 lb-ft 664 lb-ft 664 lb-ft
Top Speed 335 km/h 333 km/h 305 km/h 334 km/h
0-100 km/h 3.3 seconds 3.7 seconds 3.8 seconds 3.6 seconds
Transmission 8-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission 8-speed automatic Porsche PDK gearbox 8-speed ZF 8HP90 transmission 8-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission
Number of Seats 4-seats 4 and 5-seats 4 and 5-seats 4-seats
Luggage Capacity 358-liters 335-liters 484-liters 260-liters

‘Mr. Bentley – He builds fast trucks.’
– Ettore Bugatti

How to get behind the wheels of a rental Bentley

Rent Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Car Rental, offers you a streamlined rental process to make things easier for you. To ensure that renters have a seamless experience with us, we have put together the steps our customers will need to follow:

  • Narrow down your options
  • Present all the necessary documents
  • Select between delivery or pickup
  • Pay the security deposit

Narrow down your options

We deliver different types of Bentley cars, ranging from sedan, coupe, and convertible to SUV models. Therefore, we recommend our customers to browse through our fleet, understand the specification, features, and pricing of each model and make their choice accordingly. This way, they not only pick the car that suits their requirements but also get to extra the full potential of the car during the rental period.

Present all the necessary documents

While renting a Bentley from us, it is crucial for customers to provide us with important documents for verification and proof. Residents of the UAE are required to present us with their Emirates ID and valid driving license. On the other hand, tourists visiting the city are required to provide us with their passport, visit visa, and international driver’s permit.

Select between delivery or pickup

At our Bentley rental in Dubai, we allow customers to choose between picking their car up from our showroom or delivering it to their address. If customers prefer to get their car delivered, we can do so. Our trained driving staff can deliver your rental Bentley to any location within the UAE. For locations outside the city of Dubai, a certain sum of money is charged as a delivery fee.

Pay the security deposit

After having completed all the above-mentioned steps, renters will need to pay the security deposit amount and agree to the terms and conditions in the agreement.

Convenience services we offer at our Bentley Car Rental in Dubai

Bentley Bentayga

Our services don’t end with providing you with the top Bentley cars. We value your experience and hence provide a few other specialized services to make sure that you have a pleasant time renting a car from us. Following are the three distinct convenience services we provide at our company:

  • Periodic maintenance
  • Chauffeur services
  • Roadside assistance

Periodic maintenance

To be able to enjoy your drive, you will need a well-maintained car. That is what we aim for while delivering our cars to you. Our staff ensures periodic maintenance of all our luxury cars in our fleet. This way, while customers rent a Bentley from us they receive it in pristine condition.

Chauffeur services

It goes without saying that luxury cars are the perfect vehicles to be chauffeured around in. Hence, we provide our chauffeur services for customers to enjoy a pleasant time being driven around by our skilled and experienced drivers.

Roadside assistance

When you rent a car from our luxury car rental, we not only provide you with the best Bentley cars but also the right assistance. For renters who face any issue with a breakdown or other unfortunate mishaps, we send our team to your location to assist and resolve those issues.

Unique features of Bentley cars

Bentley Continental GTC Interior

Bentley cars carry a unique DNA when it comes to luxury cars. Their cars hold distinct features that make Bentley cars different from any other car manufacturers in the market. If you are looking to rent a Bentley from us, here are some interesting facts you should know about:

  • Smooth W12 engine
  • Rotating center console display
  • Bentley clock
  • Interior metals

Smooth W12 engine

We’ve all heard of V6, V8, and V12 engines, perhaps the use of W12 is quite uncommon. This is because the configuration is used by limited car brands. Bentley is one of the only car makers that use W12 engines across the product line. The factors that make this engine different from conventional engines are as follows:

  • The arrangement of the W12 engine, as the name suggests, is in the ‘W’ shape, with the V12 engine arrangement in the ‘V’ shape
  • W12 engines have four-cylinder banks, with V12 engines having only two-cylinder banks

These two are the notable differences between these engine configurations. Moreover, W12 engines are known to be far smoother in functioning compared to traditional V12s.

Rotating center console display

The interior of the Bentley has a unique feature, which is its three step rotatable center console display. In its initial setting, the plain surface blends into its wood veneer. The second rotation, you see the 12.3-inch touchscreen, and in the third, the three analog dials. These 360-degree rotating screens are found on the three models of Bentley, the Continental GT, and GTC, and the Flying Spur.

Bentley clock

Bentley Bentayga holds within its cabin the Mulliner Tourbillon clock by Breitling. This uniquely designed piece is built using solid gold and studded with 8 diamond indexes and with a high-precision winding mechanism. It is the most expensive option available for the Bentayga.

Interior metals

The posh materials used in the interior of Bentley cars include carbon fiber materials and polished metals like copper, titanium, and aluminum. These shiny elements add a sense of elegance to this luxurious cabin space.

“To build a fast car, a good car, the best in its class.”

–  W.O. Bentley, Founder

Bentley motors – History and heritage

Bentley started its automobile business in 1919. It is headquartered in Crewe, England, and was founded as Bentley Motors Limited. The first car manufactured by the brand was named Derby Bentley. It was powered by a six-cylinder that produced 120 hp, which was remarkable considering its era. In 1931, Rolls Royce acquired the company, which was then acquired by Volkswagen Group in 1998.

The Bentley racing team gained immense popularity for winning the 24 Hours Le Mans from 1924 to 1930. They currently offer five models which include, the Flying Spur, Mulsanne, Continental GT & GTC, and the Bentayga. Their cars are recognized for their classic design cues with the latest automotive technology.

Rent a Bentley in Dubai

To experience the pure luxury and performance of British engineering, our Bentley Car Rental in Dubai delivers premium cars for rent at the best deals. We provide the top-spec models of the latest Bentley cars that offer a range of luxury features for you to enjoy a pleasant driving experience.

Our team continues to work towards refining our services and bringing in newer models to let our clients drive and test the latest iterations of Bentley cars. Rent a luxury vehicle from us, get the most attractive deals and share your feedback on driving a Bentley with us.

Frequently asked questions about Bentley car rental in Dubai

Which Bentley models can I rent in Dubai?

At Bentley Car Rental Dubai, we offer the Bentayga, Continental GT and GTC, and the Flying Spur for rent.

Where can I rent a Bentley in Dubai?

You can rent a premium Bentley at the best deals from Bentley Car Rental Dubai.

Can I rent a Bentley with a chauffeur?

Yes. At our car rental company, you rent a Bentley along with our chauffeur services.

Which is the fastest Bentley ever produced?

The Bentley Continental GT Supersports is the fastest car produced by the brand. It is powered by a W12 engine that is tuned to produce 700 hp. It has a top speed of 336 km/h and can sprint from 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds.

What are the costs of renting a Bentley in Dubai?

You can rent a Bentley in Dubai starting at AED 1,995 per day. The prices vary depending on the model you choose to rent.

Can I get Bentley delivered to Sharjah?

Yes. We can deliver the Bentley model of your choice to Sharjah. In fact, we offer delivery services to customers across the UAE.

How much does it cost to rent a Bentley Bentayga in Dubai?

You can rent a Bentley Bentayga for a day starting at AED 2,625.

Can I drive a rental Bentley from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

Yes. Customers who rent a Bentley from us can drive their rental vehicle from Dubai to Abu Dubai. Renters are allowed to drive their cars anywhere within the UAE only.