Bentley CarPlay

Driving a Bentley is a celestial feeling. The luxuriousness and the exquisiteness of the car make you feel like you are gliding on the roads. But a feature that makes your journey even better is the Bentley CarPlay by Apple.

Three Bentley car models have the Apple CarPlay feature available. These models are:

  • The Bentley Flying Spur (2020 and onwards)
  • The Bentley Continental GT (2019 and onwards), and
  • The Bentley Bentayga (2017 and onwards)

These Bentley cars come with the CarPlay by Apple. So, if you are purchasing or renting a Bentley, you can choose your car from this list to get more value from your rental package. In addition, you will end up enjoying the journey in the Bentley even more with Apple CarPlay streaming your favorite songs or playing your favorite audiobooks.

You can do much more with CarPlay. Here’s a list of the many things you can do while you’re on a journey with the Apple CarPlay on your Bentley infotainment system:

  •       Hands-free calling
  •       Messaging
  •      Streaming music
  •      GPS Navigation from Apple
  •       Audiobooks
  •      Listen to podcasts
  •    Other Apple apps

How to Set Up CarPlay?

If you’ve purchased a Bentley, it comes with instructions on how to set up the CarPlay. However, if you rent it out, you need a step-by-step guide on how to set up Apple CarPlay.

Bentley Setup Carplay

Here’s how you can set up Car Play on Bentley:

  •         The first step is to make sure that you have Siri activated on your iPhone. If you haven’t, the first step is to activate it.
  •         You also need to activate CarPlay on your iPhone.
  •         When you are ready to set up CarPlay on Bentley, connect the iPhone to the Bentley. You should use an Apple-compatible USB cable to connect your iPhone to the car.
  •         Next, you will get a prompt on the infotainment screen. You should read and accept to the prompts that appear.

You have now successfully connected your iPhone to the CarPlay on the Bentley infotainment system. The best part is that you don’t have to connect to your iPhone repeatedly. Therefore, you need to plug in the iPhone, and it will begin working without the prompts showing up every time.

How to Set Up CarPlay on Older Bentley Models?

A standard user query is how to set up Apple CarPlay on older models. The functionality that CarPlay offers makes those who have older Bentley models yearn for them. You can easily set up CarPlay in the models specified above. However, on older models, you will have to install a motherboard kit in Bentley’s infotainment system manually.

Bentley CarPlay Older Model

Since this is a complex process and requires a lot of work with minute screws, we recommend that you don’t attempt it on rental cars. Installing CarPlay on older models requires a dismantling of the system to install a new motherboard.

Rental Cars

If you still want to access the CarPlay on the infotainment system of rental cars of older models that don’t have the CarPlay pre-installed, you should talk to the car rental to help you with the matter.

They have professionals who might take up your suggestion and install the Apple CarPlay on the systems.

Personal Car

If you attempt to install it yourself, you might end up damaging the infotainment system, which will cost you a lot on rental cars. On the other hand, if it’s your own Bentley, you should go to someone who has experience installing a motherboard and working with the critical components to help you.

Final Words

If you are a car enthusiast, you would have yearned to drive a Bentley at least once in your life. So if you get a chance to buy or rent a Bentley, you should choose one that has Apple CarPlay available.

All you need to do is connect it to your iPhone, and you can make your journey in the Bentley even more memorable. CarPlay also offers functional features like Apple’s advanced navigation system that helps you move around without looking at the smartphone screen.

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